Monday, October 23, 2006

50 Grand for Empty Gallery

Art Exhibition shows Bare Gallery

Stumbled upon this earlier. In short, an artist, one Simon Pope, has been given a grant of 50,000 quid to display an empty gallery. The aim he says is to encourage people to walk around the empty rooms and discuss memories of other galleries.

Naturally I feel this is a very worthwhile endeavour, as this will surely be the greatest display of artistic works ever known to man. However, I have (more out of humbleness and integrity than anything else) decided to decline this kind offer and will not be allowing any of my own works to be on display. Mr Pope being an artist will be fully aware of the ramifications and legal aspects concerning intellectual property, and I feel confident that he will take all appropriate steps to proactively instruct patrons not to reminisce about anything of mine they may have ever seen. I will let you know his reply.


  1. this is what i think of simon pope check out the link THIS IS NOT SPAM im not sure if it will spark debate or not?

  2. The link doesn't work. Can you double check it?