Saturday, October 14, 2006

Death Orbs or worse?

So here was me casually trying out some night shots after the festival at the local temple had calmed down a bit, and much to my surprise I found these rather odd movey glowey things in the sky. My first assumption was that it was related to the nearby airport, but 1) it's in the opposite direction, and 2) it clearly isn't an aircraft. The camera was set to 15 second exposure so the odds of there being 3 shooting stars in such close proximity during that time but in no other pictures is infinitesimally small. Therefore the only plausible answer is that they must be death orbs, spirits of the dead, who didn't want to miss out on the action. Apparently death orbs are very small so I can only assume they were in fact very close to the camera, perhaps attempting to steal my unsuspecting soul. The place is surrounded by thousands of graves, so this would make sense. Looks like I got off lightly there then.

Seriously though, if anybody has any clues what this is I'd love to know. Original (albeit digital) is available for inspection.

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  1. Figured it out (some years later). It's lens flare caused by the lights in the opposite corner of the picture.