Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who's using my pictures?

Thanks to the wonders of Creative Commons, a number of my pictures are being used in a variety of unforeseen contexts. Naturally many of these are automatically generated pages where people have simply bookmarked the image, or Google Image style automated cataloguing. A large number can also be found in places like Facebook where people have opted to use one of my images for their profile picture – last count somewhere in the region of 20. But then there are those unexpected ones where people have really gone out of their way to specifically choose one of my images. Here are but a few:

1. 10 Ways To Make Your Freelance Business Fail

2. toma love (12/22 now gone)

3. 外国人労働者を襲う雇用不安 日本の移民政策の方向は?

4. 篤姫 と 情熱大陸 の女性たち

5. キヤノンの地産地消

6. Where Does Chicken Come From?

7. Good Question: Indian Food Without the Heat?

8. Dieta Japonesa para adelgazar

9. Redes 3.9G para finales de año en Japón

10. Canon ST-E2, Great Auto Focus Assist But Worthless Otherwise (12/22)

Actually that was all I could find. Though I did get an honorary mention as a cameraman here.


  1. Does Flickr let you know who uses em? Is there a feature like Google Analytics on Flickr?

  2. They do but they're not very good. I just googled my name... (Slow afternoon)

  3. :-)

    You use your own domain on blogger.com rt? Do they allow google analytics integration? Just curios.

    Its fun to see what people search for to stumble upon your blog ^^

  4. They probably do but I use Statcounter instead.