Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Music Then & Now

Everybody seems to have an opinion on how music has gotten worse over the decades, using the likes of Bieber and Black to prove their point. Fact is, there's always been great music written and performed by talented artists with inspiring lyrics, and there's always been mind-bendingly awful trite that has no business anywhere near a microphone. The difference between then and now though is that nobody (willingly) remembers the trite from then, because, why would they when they have the classics to fall back on?! Everyone knows the trite from now because it's current, and in another decade people are going to think back to the likes of Kasabian, Gotye, Muse, Coldplay (to be fair), P J Harvey, Kings of Leon, Pink, The White Stripes, Kaiser Chiefs, Ed Sheeran, The Maccabees, Noah and the Whale, The Killers, Arctic Monkey, OK Go etc. and remember fondly what a great era for music the early 21st century was (and how crap current music is by comparison).