Friday, June 28, 2013

Three problems with the moon landing hoax theory

There are three main problems with the moon landing hoax theory, in order as follows:
  1. It's bollocks.
  2. Its main advocates know this.
  3. They additionally think you're stupid enough to believe any old anti-establishment crap they can squeeze out of their lying faceholes, and get a massive ego boost out of proving how much cleverer they are than you by manipulating your gullibility into making you believe that you are the smartest person in the history of ever.
If you claim to believe the moon landing was all a hoax, you are a fraud or a very gullible idiot.


  1. /concur

    That said, it does no good at all to simply state that moon hoax believers are nuts.
    That said, it does no good at all to give those same nuts any kind of proof either.

  2. Quite. I figure that if the moon hoax believers are too lazy to do even the slightest bit of research into answering the (in some cases, genuinely quite interesting) questions that skeptics put forwards, then they're certainly not going to listen to me. They are the very "sheeple" they accuse everyone else of being. It's intellectual laziness, and worse, they're wilfully choosing ignorance over curiosity. I call that nuts.

    Most of the photography related issues I just shake my head at because I already knew the answers from my own experiences in that field, but I think it's more interesting to let people find out themselves/dig their own graves in that regard.