Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Japanese Onlyって?

さっき、Japan Timesに発送されたメールの冒頭にこう書かれました。別に間違いでもないけれども、この表現は下記のように二つの意味合いがありますので、お気を付けください:


一つ目は仕方ない事情を表しますけれども、日本語が話せる外国人なら問題ないでしょう。一方、二つ目は人種差別と判断され、読む外国人に対してかなり失礼でしょう。よくある問題なんですが、一つ目の意味で書く時、二つ目の意味を読むケースが多いので、「Japanese Only」と書こうとしたら、混乱させないようにより具体的な表現を使ったほうがおすすめです。例えば:

Only Japanese is spoken here(ここでは、日本語しか話せません)

Only Japanese are welcome here(ここでは、日本人のお客様しか歓迎しません)

(This site is) In Japanese only(このホームページは日本語だけで書きました)

(This site is) For Japanese only(このホームページは日本人だけのためです)

I hate English(英語が嫌いです)

I hate the English(英国人が嫌いです)

I hate the French(英国人が大歓迎です)



後もう一つの件。「世話」という言葉はよく「hospitality」と訳されますが、「お世話になります」を「Please hospitalise me」と訳されると反対の意味になってしまうので、を気をつけください。

Not normally in the habit of writing bilingual posts and I'm not about to start now, but this is something that really needs to be known about by the Japanese speaking community. The overused expression "Japanese Only" can obviously mean both "we only speak Japanese here" and "go home to foreign you big nosed and blonde haired devils you," and I've seen many the riot/minor inconvenience caused when it's been written with the intent of expressing the first idea but devoid of any English context, it gets read as the second. Some people tend to get a mite offended by that, and are quick to let the one causing same know, in the most threatening or personally amusing terms possible. All this could be avoided if only they'd elaborate a little on which one they mean.

Yes, it often does mean the second one.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another unfortunately named product...

Expected better from a major player like McDonalds. As a long time fan of the Kentucky Pepper-Mayo Wrapper, this just doesn't look apetising, and if the name is in any way indicative, I might just stick with what I know.

Hint: Say it quickly five times.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Parody of a Parody

Sure we've all seen the SNL Dear Sister parody of a certain scene from The OC, and the million parodies it spawned quite some while back, mostly atrociously. Well now it's my go...

It would have been done a lot better if I'd used FCP I must admit. The timing could use work, and it would have been nice if I hadn't had to up-convert from 24 to 30 fps as that really messed with the footage. Still, I believe I was able to put what was in my head into existence. I may not have much time left for creative works, so I have to do what I can.

Incidentally, the music used is Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, and is a surprisingly good piece of music. I would recommend it to anybody.