Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mail Related Oddity

Early in January, I migrated my domain mail server from Hostedmail to Gmail Apps, because it was clearly able to do a significantly better job of handling the 150 odd junk mails I was getting daily. Although I'd changed the MX record setting so that all incoming mail would go to Gmail, I left a link to the Hostedmail server so that I could log into the web interface (but not from work - for some reason they made it impossible to do so when they upgraded their software) just in case anything went wrong. Nothing went wrong, but having just logged in, imagine my surprise to find that there are at least 200 new junk mails received since I migrated, some as recent as this morning. As there is no possible way they could have come in from the outside, I have to conclude that Hostedmail are deliberately injecting junk mail into their users' accounts in order to promote their junk mail filters. Ironically, none of the mails had actually been caught and tagged by their junk mail filter, as they were all just sitting there in my Inbox. Yup, looks like migrating to Gmail was a sensible choice alright!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam - How Oasis Really Sound

Saw this clip on Victor Lewis Smith's TV Offal a good decade or more ago, and prayed long and hard to the gods of YouTube that I would one day see it again. I even attempted (badly) to recreate it myself using technology, but to no avail. Today though, my prayers have been answered. I present to you, Oasis as they really sound.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey, movie studios!

While I do think it's great that it's possible to put a digital 5.1 surround soundtrack on DVD releases of movies, giving those with a surround setup at home a truly enveloping cinematic experience, how about making use of one of the additional tracks available on the disc to include a re-mastered stereo version optimised for "living room" for the benefit of the remaining 98.2%* of the population that don't have such a setup, and sometimes also have neighbours to consider. I don't want to sound pedantic, but when I watch cinema-style TV shows like Lost or 24, they look great, and sound fantastic coming out of my TV's standard stereo speakers at a moderate volume. When I watch a film with a surround soundtrack though, the sound is invariably unbalanced to the point it utterly spoils the experience. When the sound is up loud enough that it's possible to make out the dialogue in my native language, music and sound effects are so loud they can be heard halfway down the road. Headphones exacerbate this, as I found out before giving up on the latest Harry Potter film on a long haul flight due to a combination of the music causing my ears physical pain and it sucking. Most of my DVDs I can't watch without English subtitles, and even then I'm constantly having to adjust the volume to match the sound output. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you supposed to have done that for me?

* figure made up to emphasise point, and may be considerably higher than actual number.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Amusing Google Find

Here was me innocently looking for a documentary called "Dangerous Cult" recommended by a friend, and imagine my surprise at the first result Google gave me. I don't know if the Church of Scientology decided to take a more honest approach with their keyword meta-tags, or if teh interwebs just had a Google-fart, but this may not be their best advertising strategy. They should perhaps stick to the free stress tests in shopping malls and Hollywood star flip-fests.