Friday, July 18, 2008

Street Photo Terrorist

Originally uploaded by babybinjp
Been trying out some new photographic techniques lately, and this particular style has thus far generated some pretty interesting results. What's more surprising though is the overall positive reaction I've had from people as I walk up to them in the street and fire off a flashgun in their faces, and general indifference is about the worst I had to deal with. Others were not so lucky, with one poor soul getting chased down the street by an angry woman in her eighties.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Photo Assignment Winner

CelebrationThe internet thinks I'm great! This time, it was the Canon EOS 40D Users group on Flickr, and the assignment for the week starting was titled Celebration (winner announced with the following week's assignment Friendship).

“i liked this photo because i thought it best represented the theme, and plus the poster said he lost his jacket in the process! anything to get the shot, right?! :o)”

Probably little purpose in entering the next one as I have to pick the winner, but it's all for fun anyway.