Friday, July 03, 2009

365 Project


Partly due to the general lack of inspiration over the past couple of months, I decided to focus my efforts on a 365 project; one photo per day over the course of a year. The aim is to develop technique and vision, so even if the pictures themselves are largely meaningless they should each represent a progression of style and part of the learning process.

Picture number 1 (above) has already been posted to the dedicated site. This was experimentation with fill flash using an off-camera unit. Although I normally use all manual settings, I only had a limited time frame to set up so I left the flash unit set to auto, and under-exposed by one stop. Camera was on a tripod at knee height, flash unit was off to the left (my right) at neck height and diffused through a standard plastic diffuser. Colour balance was set using the same custom setting grey card setting I use for indoor bounce flash, which gave the picture a slightly colder impression as my wallpaper has a hint of beige.

Please bookmark the site below, and feel free to comment on technique and composition.