Saturday, October 10, 2009

Libation Kowloon – Now Affiliated

Learn Japanese with
For those of you that noticed the conspicuous banner appearing on the right of the page lately, here's a closer view of a similar but slightly different one.

Yes, I finally sold out, and would have done so quicker if the opportunity had arisen. In short, staff at contacted me and asked me consider an affiliate arrangement with their Japanese language learning site, and after careful review I must say I am most impressed by the sheer quantity not to mention quality of the learning materials that they provide, and believe this to be excellent tool in acquiring the language. If you're serious about your Japanese studies, I would seriously consider taking out a subscription.

If you're not convinced, or are uncertain as to what on earth I'd know about learning the language, there is plenty of content available for free so you can try before you buy.

And with that said, I shall return in due course to talk about photographic techniques, travesties of justice, strange findings in the supermarket, shameless self-promotion and why I still think the PlayStation®3 was a horrible horrible idea.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Kirin Akiaji – Now in Bottles

It Exists!!
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If you've been in Japan for more than one Autumn and haven't tried Kirin's seasonal "Akiaji" beer, get yourself down to your nearest purveyor of fine liquor, or wherever you see the 酒 mark and get some in before they sell out for the year. It is thought by many to be the greatest production beer in the country, and we'd all be a lot happier if it was available all year round.

As I'm now enjoying my 11th annual Akiaji carnival, I was pleased to finally find the elusive bottled variety hidden away in a corner fridge in my local Ozeki. The commercials always show bottles but one can only ever find them in cans. That is until now.

A word of warning though – take care not to confuse Akiaji with the cheaper Akinama. The labels look very similar, but while the Akiaji contains 330ml (or 500ml) of autumn themed refreshness, the Akinama contains a sickly bile that will rot your insides, bleach your soul, and make you very very unpopular if you bring it to a party and then proceed to drink everybody else's drinks (unless everybody else is doing the same thing – I don't go to those sorts of parties though).

Now to continue my search for the other holy grail, the elusive Yebisu bottle with two fish on it.