Friday 31 July 2015

Nakameguro Natsu Matsuri and Nabeyoko Natsu Matsuri

This weekend is a double whammy of fun, with Nakameguro Natsu Matsuri on Saturday, and Nabeyoko Natsu Matsuri on Sunday.

Nakameguro features three main parade routes, the shortest being approximately 170 meters, and the longest around 350 meters, uphill. It's always a fun atmosphere and one of the more enjoyable events. We'll be performing from 6pm to 8pm on all three parade grounds, then a set piece at 8:10pm near the station.

The Nabeyoko festival goes on all weekend and features many other kinds of entertainment such as jazz, Okinawan Eisa, dance etc. We perform from 7pm until 8:45pm together with two Koenji teams. The routes are comparitively short, and the roads are wide and crowded with spectators.

No signs of bad weather for either festival, so as per usual it'll be the heat we have to fight against.

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